Instructor: David Bao

David Bao is a professional tai chi and 6th Duan Wei wushu instructor. Born in 1977 in the Henan province in China, David inherited his martial arts skills from his ancestors from the Shaolin Temple under the strict guidance of his father.

Being the 7th generation descendant of the Shaolin Temple martial arts lineage, he started learning martial arts from the age of 4 and picked up tai chi when he was 16 years old. He trained under many masters. Among them are the famous Wang Er Ping, China’s national wushu and tai chi team coach as well as Master Fu Sheng Yuan, a world renowned authority on Yang-style Tai Chi.

Former 2006 World Tai Chi champion David immigrated to Malaysia in 2000. His goal is to help others understand the real essence of Chinese martial arts and to attain its inherent benefits by applying the principles of Chinese martial arts in our daily life. David’s practical approach in class coupled with his sense of humour and a ready smile had earned him the friendship and respect of his many students.天地为一大太极。人身为一小太极。人身具太极之体。故人人可以练太极拳。本固有之灵而重修之。人身如机器。久不磨则生锈。生锈则气血滞。弊病丛生。故欲锻炼者。以练太极为最适宜。太极练法。以心行气。不用濁力。纯任自然。筋骨鲜折曲之苦。皮肤无嗟磨之劳。不用力何能有力。盖太极练功。沉肩坠肘。气沉丹田。丹田为气之总机关。由此分运四体百骸。週流全身。意到气至。练到此地位。其力便不可限量。功效昭著矣。

Interview with David Bao  on Hoods aired on 8TV