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At Hua Ying & Tai Chi Academy, we help others understand the essence of Chinese martial arts and attain its inherent benefits by applying its principles in daily life. We offer our students an easy and efficient way to achieve optimum health.

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David Bao


David Bao is a professional Tai Chi and Wushu instructor (6th Duan Wei). Born in 1977 in the Henan province in China, David inherited his martial arts skills from his ancestors from the Shaolin Temple under the strict guidance of his father.

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1:学习武术可以强健孩子体魄 好身体是一切行为的前提。孩子学习武术不仅能强身健体,还可以培养孩子的忍耐力、增强意志力。不仅如此,反复练习成套的武术动作,可以提高孩子的记忆力、注意力,对孩子的文化学习很有帮助。文化学习为静,武术为动,只要合理分配、动静结合,在寻求身体强健的同时,不过度损耗孩子的精力,就可以使孩子身心愉悦、平衡发展。

Liver Condition Improved after 9 months of Tai Chi
Liver Condition Improved after 9 months of Tai Chi

We have been practising under Master David Bao for last nine months and the benefits derived from his training was…

Enriching Tai Chi Journey
Enriching Tai Chi Journey

We joined the Yang style Tai Chi class conducted by Master David Bao in January 2015. At the time of…